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Travel Advisories

Update: Ebola Virus Disease - August 4, 2016

Liberia, Sierre Leone, and Guinea have all been declared free of Ebola transmission by the World Health Organization (WHO). However, the World Health Organization and Health Canada continue to monitor possible Ebola transmissions. Of note, Liberia has had a few recent cases from November 2015. However, Health Canada currently recommends normal safety precautions for travelers in Ebola affected countries. All major airports and commercial transportation may continue to screen for Ebola symptoms. Transportation will be denied if travelers have been exposed to, or showing symptoms of, Ebola.

Due to various safety and security concerns, Canada has advised against all travel to the following countries/areas:

  • North Korea, Mali, South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Burundi, Syria, Libya,Chad
  • Niger – excluding Niamey (essential travel only in Niamey)
  • Iraq – excluding areas covered by Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) (essential travel only in areas covered by KRG)
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Traveling Soon?

Our travel clinic specialists will consult & determine which vaccines best-fit your needs. Generally, we provide the following services:

  • Personalized consultation depending upon your destinations
  • Medication review services
  • Personalized vaccination and immunity assessment
  • Relevant immunization and medication prescription provision
  • Education of specific health risks relevant to the traveller
  • Vaccinations are administered by qualified and well-experienced medical doctors only
  • Up-to-date travel information and advice for preventative care
  • Appointments available 7-days a week including evenings & weekends
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